Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats

The Top 5 Reasons to Use Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats

Commercial and industrial anti-fatigue mats are now in place at organizations around the world. They support employees who are challenged with standing in the same position for prolonged periods of time. To ensure the ideal product is selected for your company, our Kleen-Tex experts explore the top 5 reasons to use industrial anti-fatigue mats.

  1. Protect Worker’s Feet

The more time a person spends on their feet, the more chance they have of experiencing foot, joint, leg and lower back pain. Anti fatigue mats protect employees and improve circulation reducing damage and creating a more comfortable environment. The latest industrial anti-fatigue mats work to ease the pressure on worker’s feet, legs and joints thereby reducing problems with inflammation and swelling.

  1. Boost Employee Morale

In an environment where safety needs are acknowledged and addressed, employees are more likely to perform to higher standards. Kleen-Tex anti-fatigue mats have an ergonomically structured surface and flexible material that can improve blood flow and oxygen supply,helping to boost worker concentration and morale. Many companies are now improving workplace performance and morale with commercial and industrial anti-fatigue mats.

  1. Mats are OSHA-Recommended

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration strongly recommend the use of anti-fatigue mats for businesses.  For industries such as healthcare, food services, and hospitality, these mats are widely recommended by OSHA. The organization has specific guidelines for the effective use of mats and can instruct companies on how to achieve all benefits

  1. Slip Prevention

Anti-fatigue mats are also essential for slip prevention. The leading products in the marketplace, such as Kleen-Comfort, feature low-profile edges to reduce trips and a textured surface so your employee shave a better grip when they’re using the product. It’s a commitment to on the job safety and health that can help all organizations protect their workforce.

  1. Simple to Clean

Kleen-Tex Anti-Fatigue mats are ideal for your business. They are made from nitrile rubber which is oil and grease-resistant, and are also PVC free. Maintenance is easy, all you need to do is sweep or hose to clean if using a quality industrial anti-fatigue product. Kleen-Comfort mats provide relief for sore muscles and joints, are easy to clean, and designed by our experts for long-term durability.

Our team at Kleen-Tex is here to guide you in safeguarding your business space and supporting your team in completing their work effectively. To learn more on our company and the full range of options we provide, call us today at 844-991-5511.