anti slip mats for wet areas

Managing Wet Areas in Your Facilities with Anti-Slip Mats

In many business environments, the threat of seeing visitors, customers, or workers slip on a wet floor is very real. According to OSHA, slipping accidents are among the most common of all workplace accidents.  While only one-in-six slipping accidents cause notable injury, when one occurs, it costs the employer an average of $40,000 per incident.

It is vital to properly manage wet areas in your facilities, to prevent accident and injury. One of the best overall solutions is to utilize anti-slip mats for wet areas in any location where slippery surfaces are likely to be common, such as in kitchens and washrooms. Preemptively laying these mats down, as well as keeping extras in easily-accessible storage areas, can mitigate many of the risks of slippery floors.

However, anti-slip mats for wet areas are not the only solution. Keep these tips in mind for dealing with slippery floors, to reduce the chances of accidents and liability in your workplace.

Three Ways to Reduce the Threat of Slippery Floors

  1. Know your danger areas

Be aware of the various locations in your facilities, and which have the highest chances of liquids collecting on the floors. Rooms such as kitchens, washrooms, and bathrooms are obvious, but do not overlook other common areas such as entryways, waiting rooms, and industrial facilities where liquid products are in use.

  1. Have easily-accessible cleaning supplies

Rather than keeping spill-related cleaning supplies in a specific location, it’s an excellent idea to keep them near to any area where spills are likely to happen. Having them on-hand will drastically reduce the amount of time a wet surface is present, which in turn reduces the chances of a slipping accident.

  1. Always mark wet surfaces

Even if a spill will be cleaned up in just a few minutes, it should always be marked with cones or “Wet Floor” signs. This should be done immediately after the spill occurs. If, for whatever reason, the spill will not be cleaned up in a short amount of time, consider deploying larger barriers to prevent anyone from walking onto the affected area.

Kleen-Tex Makes Superior Anti-Slip Mats for Wet Areas

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