Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mats

The Importance of Anti-Fatigue Mats in Creating a Healthy Productive Working Environment

Maintaining the comfort and productivity of employees in environments that require workers to stand for long periods of time with limited mobility can be a serious challenge for many organizations.  Anti-fatigue mats can go a long way to remedy this. They are used extensively in industrial and factory settings as well as hospitals and by many in the hospitality industry to ensure comfortable working conditions.

Our bodies are not made to not to stand in one place for extended periods. As such, environments that require workers to stand with limited mobility can quickly cause discomfort and even significant health issues, particularly if they are standing on a hard surface like concrete. Complaints including varicose veins, lower back pains, fallen arches, and plantar fasciitis are common. Pains and stiffness higher up on the body, including the arms and shoulders, are also common. Left unchecked, these can significantly decrease a worker’s productivity, or potentially even lead to health-related absences and workers comp claims.

One of the most simple and effective methods of preventing such issues is to include rubber anti-fatigue mats at stations where workers must stand for long periods. For a relatively low cost, these anti-fatigue mats greatly alleviate such concerns.

How Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mats Increase Worker Productivity

Anti-fatigue mats are designed specifically to reduce the strain on a worker’s legs, as well as the rest of their body.  This is accomplished in multiple ways:

  • The flexible surface encourages a small amount of movement within leg muscles to maintain balance. This movement is subtle and non-disruptive, but it encourages blood flow through the legs and prevents blood pooling at the lower extremities.
  • The softness of rubber is much more comfortable for the feet, as well as providing extra arch support. Controlled trials have shown this to be more effective than other solutions, such as in-shoe padding.
  • The non-slip nature of rubber provides an extra-stable surface to stand on.  Slipping – or even near slips – puts great strain on a worker’s legs and contributes to standing-related health issues.

Rubber anti-fatigue mats are also extremely resilient and resist everyday damage.They can be used for months or years with minimal wear, creating a long-term solution that yields superior ROI on a low up-front investment. 

Choose Kleen-Tex for Superior Anti-Fatigue Mat Solutions

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