Rubber Scraper Mats

A Guide to Choosing Rubber Scraper Mats

Rubber scraper mats are designed with a raised surface to scrape footwear clean and provide traction under all surface conditions. They are specifically designed to provide a clean, mud free environment in any business location, industrial or commercial. However, it is critical to understand which rubber scraper mat is best suited to your business. Here are some tips for what you should look for when making decisions about mats that make your operation cleaner, safer and more attractive.

Choose a Product with a Slip and Skid-Resistant Surface

It’s imperative the rubber scraper mats you select have a slip and skid-resistant surface. Kleen-Tex surface is designed to minimize foot movement and allows true stability for all users. It is part of the reason so many businesses are now choosing the Kleen-Scrape multi-purpose scraper mat from Kleen-Tex. The Kleen-Scrape mat is designed to resist slipping and skidding and provide the user with complete confidence in foot comfort, cleanliness and safety.

Select a Mat that Traps Dirt and Moisture

The mat you choose should also be designed to trap dirt and moisture. This means it should hold the dirt and moisture within the mat rather than allowing leakage to the outside area. Kleen-Tex products work to prevent safety issues by ensuring that dirt and moisture are trapped in the mat and not brought into your business.

Consider the Product’s Warranty

Kleen-Tex has a two-year warranty on all products, including our rubber scraper mats, so you are protected for the long-term. Any rubber scraper mat you select should offer a warranty covering all elements of the product to protect your purchase cost. Our team at Kleen-Tex works to offer the best warranties within the mat manufacturing industry.

National Floor Safety Institute High Traction Certification

When managing business safety, there are few greater indicators of a product’s performance than the National Floor Safety Institute Certification. Products certified by the NFSI meet stringent standards to carry their endorsement. NSFI endorsed mats have reached the highest standards in testing to be able to offer high-traction performance. It’s yet another reason why many leading companies now select the Kleen-Scrape product from Kleen-Tex.

Our trusted team is here to guide you in ensuring a lasting return on investment in your rubber scraper mats! To discover more about our company and our leading Kleen-Scrape product, call us today at 844-991-5511.