Best Anti Fatigue Mat

Choosing the Best Anti Fatigue Mat for Your Facilities

Anti-fatigue mats are an excellent option in any business where the workforce will spend most or all their time standing. Anti-fatigue mats have been shown to significantly improve workforce productivity, while reducing or eliminating a wide range of complaints and medical issues which are associated with standing for prolonged periods.

With many options on the market, it can be difficult selecting the best anti-fatigue mat for your own facilities. These are some key aspects to focus on when investigating your options.

Selecting the Best Anti Fatigue Mat for Your Needs

  1. Softer is not always better

Many anti-fatigue mat manufacturers will speak at length to the ‘softness’ or ‘plushness’ of their mats… but in reality, an overly-soft mat increases fatigue by creating an unstable surface. An effective anti-fatigue mat is somewhat elastic, while still providing a stable surface to stand upon.

Ask your mat manufacturer about the compressibility rating of their mats. As a rule of thumb, a rating between .6 and .9 MegaPascals is considered ideal for anti-fatigue mats.

  1. Will the mat be in a wet or dry area?

Kleen-Tex offers a variety of mats suitable for both wet and dry areas, including those for work where stability is still a priority. For example, the Kleen-Thru Plus has an open surface that allows fluids to pass through the mat, without pooling and creating an accident hazard. Kleen-Scrape and Waterhorse will contain spills because of the raised border design. On the other hand, mats such as the Kleen-Cushion, and Kleen-Comfort have a closed surface that keeps the floor beneath free of dirt, debris, or liquids.

  1. What level of microbial protection is needed

In some applications, such as food preparation or medical facilities, extra care will need to be taken to ensure the mat does not become a contamination hazard. Investigate how easily the mat is to clean, and be sure to have a set cleaning schedule. Also, consider mats with anti-microbial properties which will minimize their chances of becoming contamination vectors.

  1. Will items be rolling over the mat?

Finally, consider how the mat may impact movement of machinery throughout your facility. If the mat is likely to be rolled over, be certain to purchase mats with sloped edges that won’t snag or inhibit wheeled machines.

Kleen-Tex Offers the Best Anti Fatigue Mat Selection

No matter your needs, Kleen-Tex has a wide selection of mats to choose from. Contact us today to learn more.