Grease Resistant Mats

5 Reasons to Choose Kleen-Tex Grease Resistant Mats

Grease-resistant mats play an important role in keeping industrial spaces clean and reducing safety challenges throughout the industrial space. But in investing in grease resistant mats for their organization, operators must work with a specialist that understands the industry and the challenges firms within the industrial market face. Our experts at Kleen-Tex have developed a strong reputation for the quality of our mats. Within this latest post, we’ll present five key reasons to choose our mats for the modern work-space.

  1. NFSI Certification

Research from latest year in which data was compiled shows 261,930 private industry, and state and local government workers missed one or more days of work because of injuries from falls. Companies using NFSI-certified grease resistant mats can help mitigate falls and improve safety levels throughout the working space. Kleen-Tex mats are third-party certified as high-traction on hard surfaces, thereby preventing trips, falls, and slips. This high traction certification means the company’s grease-resistant mats have been proven to adhere to ANSI/NFSI B101.6.

  1. Comprehensive Warranties

The 2-year warranty offered by Kleen-Tex on our grease-resistant mats is one of the most comprehensive in the marketplace today. Each of the products we build is tested under the most challenging conditions and designed to offer robust performance over many years. Our 2-year warranty ensures clients achieve peace-of-mind and true value for money when investing in Kleen-Tex systems.

  1. Superior Product Quality

Our mats are produced from 100% nitrile rubber. This ensures they are resistant to grease, have natural anti-static properties, and assure long-term durability. The products are also crease resistant to minimize tripping hazards and provide the ideal entrance mat for a full range of industrial facilities. In addition to using the industry’s finest materials, our products are engineered for comfort under-foot, helping work teams maintain their highest levels of productivity and mitigating fatigue.

  1. Industry Experience

Our experience as manufacturers of industrial mats is second-to-none throughout the marketplace. We invented the process to craft rubber-backed mats and each product we sell is backed by 50 years of market experience and floor-tested knowledge on mat performance.

  1. Ease of Maintenance

One of the foremost challenges within the industrial sector is retaining the ability to complete product maintenance while achieving productivity targets. Because each of the mats we manufacture is designed to offer low maintenance performance, we can help our clients achieve the highest levels of productivity within their work. Users simply need to hose down, vacuum, or steam clean the product to ensure it remains in peak condition over many years.

Our team at Kleen-Tex is here to help companies by providing the leading grease-resistant mats for their industrial facilities. To learn more on our brand and our industry-leading product range, call our team now at 1(404) 991-5500.